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Chipped tooth

Chipped tooth?

Most commonly caused by an incident, a chipped tooth can cause severe discomfort. Aside from being visually troubling, the chipped tooth can damage your speech (causing a lisp), can affect your bite, and if left untreated, it can destroy the tooth irreversibly.

At 24h Emergency Dentistry both our dentists and specialists are trained to provide emergency treatments for patients with a chipped tooth. We offer a range of solutions which can help you solve the problem within with one or two visits to the clinic.



Dental bonding for a chipped tooth

The most inexpensive treatment for a cracked tooth, dental bonding , can be incredibly efficient and provide long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing results. While smaller cracks can sometimes be treated on the same day of the first appointment, a bigger one will require one or two additional visits to your dentist.

The cost of dental bonding you require, shall you be suitable for this treatment, will be determined during your initial consultation. If needed, our specialists will create a mock-up of the final result for you to preview the shape of the tooth. Once you’re happy with the planned treatment, your doctor will schedule your last appointment and within just a few hours you’ll have your beautiful smile restored.

Dental bonding: Before and After

Composite veneer for a chipped tooth

When a larger piece of the tooth has been chipped, or if the tooth suffers from additional problems, our specialists may recommend having a composite veneer (or veneers) done to ensure better stability and longer life of the treatment. Unlike other veneer types, composite veneers are a non-invasive treatment, meaning that the enamel of your natural teeth doesn’t need to be filed down.

Composite veneers have a lifespan of about 5 to 10 years (depending on your lifestyle and eating habits) and can be a beautiful solution for your chipped tooth, restoring and even bettering your smile.


Take a look at some Before and After composite veneers treatments

Dental crown for a chipped tooth

If your tooth has been damaged severely you may need to opt for a dental crown to preserve the roots and ensure a longer lifespan of the tooth. In this case, the treatment will likely take a few appointments. Depending on the condition of the tooth, a root canal treatment may be needed before the crown can be added.

To learn more about the crown options we offer, please review this link .

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